The universe is a living being and every molecule of it has life in it. Among the organisms, the highest manifestation of life is found in man. The human mind is ore refined through the process of evolution. Naturaly the ultimate goal of human life is to attain moksha the highest stage of mental refinement and spiritual power.

Thanthra Sasthra of Kerala Tradition

Many of the ancient  Indian sciences were evolved through the pursuit for spiritual elevation of man. Yogasasthra and manthrasasthra are prominent among them. Thanthrasasthra of kerala tradition is a logical combination of the science of yoga and manthra on the principles contained in Vedas and agamas. It is an applied science mainly used in temples of kerala tradition.

The temple consecrated and maintained as per stipulation of the thanthra sasthra are called kshethras. Apart fromplaces of prayers, temples of kerala system are centres providing mechanism for arousing and elevating mantal and spiritual energy of the common masses for their benefits.

The temple structure of kerala system is a replica of human body and the deity is installed on the shadadhara principles of yogasasthra. The entire tempe body is enlivened by  bestowing spiritual energy on the deity by the acharya(thanthri). Who is an expert in the application of kerala thanthrasasthra. The bestowing of energy , its nourishment and replenishment are effected through complex but systematic rituals by the acharys. The energy thus generated and sustained by acharya is radiated among the people during their worship. Rigid rules relating to worship are prescribed for keralatemple to keep their distinct sanctity.